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We’re in Hot Water (but it’s not what you think).

Ever since we’ve been in these buildings, I’ve been a little bothered by the lack of hot water in the classroom building. It just seemed like our main bathrooms should have hot water available for washing. The building used to have hot water, but the heater had been removed long before we bought the building.

Then, a few months back, as part of an Ike relief effort that never came to pass (housing relief crews at the church), I bought a very small electric hot water heater.

Now, due to the efforts of Steve Norman (thanks, Steve) that little hot water heater has been installed where the big one used to sit, and we have hot water to the four sinks in the main classroom wing bathrooms.

Just thought I’d celebrate one of those little signs of progress in our world!

P.S. I have no idea why there was a Dr. Pepper can on the shelf, and I did not get paid for product placement.