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Art by James Tissot

After our Thursday night Service of Tenebrae (April 9,2009) a few people asked me about the paintings that accompanied the Scripture texts. Almost all of it was created from paintings by James Tissot, a 19th century French painter. The Brooklyn Museum has a web site where you can link to or download almost 400 images from Tissot’s “The Life of Our Lord Jesus Christ.” I’ve linked to a few of them below. I’ve also prepared a zip file of the Scripture slides from Thursday night (Mark 14 and 15) that can be unzipped and used as a devotional slide show on your computer. Warning – large file: Mark14and15

Brooklyn Museum: The Man Bearing a Pitcher (L'homme à la cruche)

Brooklyn Museum: The Last Supper: Judas Dipping his Hand in the Dish (La Céne. Judas met la main dans le plat)

Brooklyn Museum: The Kiss of Judas (Le baiser de Judas)

Brooklyn Museum: The Third Denial of Peter. Jesus' Look of Reproach (Le troisième reniement de Saint Pierre.  Le regard de reproche de Jésus).

Brooklyn Museum: The Morning Judgment (Le jugement du matin)

Brooklyn Museum: Jesus Bearing the Cross (Jésus chargé de la Croix)

Brooklyn Museum: My God, My God, why hast thou forsaken me? (Eli, Eli lama sabactani)