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Easter Prep: The Unveiling

Although most of our Scripture studies this spring and this Easter season have been from the Gospel of Mark, I’m going to preach from Revelation chapter 1 for the two regular services on Sunday (April 12, 2009). I’m really enjoying the richness of the description of the Risen Christ in these verses (Revelation 1:4-20), and I encourage you to pre-read and meditate on these verses.

One of my favorite songs on this chapter (possibly the only song I remember on this chapter) is ‘The Unveiling’ from Michael Card’s great album ‘Unveiled Hope’. Here is a YouTube video that has the prelude to the album and the song. I really like the visuals (it’s more or less what I would have done if I had the time) and I encourage you to watch it in High Quality (HQ button) and full screen.