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C. S. Lewis Background(s)

After Sunday’s Sermon (Longing, November 30, 2008) several people asked me about C. S. Lewis’ biography. The book I quoted from the most was Surprised By Joy, Lewis’ spiritual autobiography written in 1955. It is available on Amazon (Surprised By Joy). I also saw several copies at the Mardel bookstore last week.

Several of the backgrounds I used in the Lewis section used photos of actual ‘Lewis’ locations. This is Magdalene College, Oxford, where Lewis taught for some thirty years. One strange side note is that those who attend this college do not pronounce it ‘mag da lin’ or even ‘mag da lean’ but ‘maudlin’. It’s apparently one of those strange college traditions that no one is sure how it got started.

This is the corner table in ‘The Eagle and the Child’, the pub where Lewis met with J.R.R. Tolkien and the rest of ‘The Inklings’.

This is a fireplace at Magdalene college, but probably not the one where Lewis’ influential conversation with the atheist who accepted the historical reliability of the Gospels took place.

These are the windows of Lewis’s rooms (offices) at Oxford.

Because his description of his conversion implies that it happened in the evening, I had to modify the picture to be night.