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Blogging ‘the Hundred’

Our ministry goal this year is ‘tuning ministry’.  This includes making our facility more efficient and welcoming.  The approach we are taking is to create a list of a hundred or so things that need to be done to the facility and committing to accomplish at least fifty of them this year.  Here is the list so far, organized by location within the facility. Please add to the list by making comments.  I will republish the modified list once a week or so until it is stable.

Landscape and Building Exterior
Repair and Resurface the Parking Lot
Run water line to sign
Run power line to sign
Connect light in sign
Fix broken limb on front tree
Replace basketball goal
Trim tree outside Bob’s office
Install Fence for New Playground
Repair / Replace outside flood lights
Clean / paint building exterior
Clean gutters
Purchase / install new playground equipment
Get new dumpster

Building Interior General
Replace and rekey main door locks
Replace and re-key interior door locks
Redo maps / bulletin boards
Get more white rectangular tables
Replace vacuum cleaners
Extend Reliant contract

LIFE area and offices
Finish the trim / door in Bob’s office
Finish light fixtures in Church Office
Finish painting in LIFE Room
Install AC Duct grills in LIFE Room
Finish trim in LIFE Room
Repair Boys bathroom near LIFE Room
Repair Girls bathroom near LIFE Room
Repair damaged doors and frames

Sunday School wing
Repair Girls toilet in SS wing
Get bayonet water heater for SS wing bathrooms.
Service alarm system (needs batteries)
Fix ceiling for water damage from SS wing AC
Fix duct work for SS wing AC
Clean up conference room – make useable space.
Clean up storage closets in SS building
Repair / replace water fountain

Repair / replace water fountain
Replace / fix up first aid kit.
Repair / replace microwaves
Build and install kitchen island with cabinets
Fix counters / backsplash panels
Paint kitchen

Main Auditorium
Fix broken church chairs

Rooms in Auditorium Building
Clean up storage closets in Auditorium building.
Get three organizations to maintain glassed bulletin boards
Repair damaged doors and frames
Fix legs on couch in prayer room
Repair hole behind door in prayer room
Women’s sinks pulling away from wall