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Sermon Video

I’ve been experimenting the past few weeks with doing sermon videos. I start with Frank’s audio (which usually goes on line three or four days after the sermon). On the video layer I add the Powerpoint stills and any videos that were included in the Powerpoint. The advantage of this is that you get the videos and the text.

Below are my first two attempts. They live on Google Video, and you can find them there by searching on the title. The embedded videos below seem to work but they are quite a bit smaller than what you will see on Google.

Ultimately we hope to put links to the videos on the sermon pages of the church web site.

October 28, 2007; God Behind the Scenes

God Behind the Scenes – Genesis 31:1-55November 4, 2007; Broken at Last Broken at Last – Genesis 32:1 – 33:17