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A Certain Symmetry

My sabbatical started with a canoe race, the Texas Water Safari, and it has come to a close with a canoe race, the Colorado River 100 on September 1st. Though not as long as the Safari, which is 260 miles, the 100 is nonetheless a challenging race for the paddlers. We had a number of family and church members in the race this year. Our son-in-law Tim Rask, paddled solo in a kayak. Our daughter Abbie Rask paddled with our daughter Ruth in a C-2. Our daughter Hannah, who just started at Texas A& M, paddled solo in a kayak. They all did great, and they are all in pain, especially those who paddled in kayaks.

Here are a few pictures:

(1) Hannah at the start. She’s not big, and her boat is not much bigger.

Hannah at the Start

(2) The solo boats are away. Hannah is one of the boats at the far right of the picture.

The Solo Boats at the Start

(3) Abbie and Ruth at the start. The tandem boats started ten minutes later.

Abbie and Ruth at the Start

(4) Abbie and Ruth at a checkpoint. You come in, you take on water, energy drink and ice, and you are on your way.

Abbie and Ruth at a Checkpoint

(5) Tim Rask (L) was 2nd overall, three minutes behind his friend and rival Tommy Yonley.

Tim and Tommy

(6) Abbie and Ruth looking good at the end of the race.

Abbie and Ruth

(7) Hannah looking slightly manic immediately after finishing.