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Welcome and Sabbatical Calendar

Now that I’ve gotten a little bit into the flow of this sabbatical, I’ve decided to start a blog to record some of the events associated with the sabbatical and the thoughts that accompany them. I’ve created several categories in keeping with the several purposes of the sabbatical; recreation, the first course in my Doctor of Ministry program at Dallas Theological Seminary, and the creation of a commercial version of the 3d Biblical scenes that I’ve been creating for Powerpoint.

Here’s how the sabbatical will work out on the calendar:

June 1 – 7: getting organized, trying to figure out what a sabbatical is all about.

June 8 – 12: Texas Water Safari

June 13 – 24: home, working on D. Min course and this blog

June 25 – July 2: Bob and Gail will be off by themselves celebrating their 28th anniversary.

July 3 – 8: home, focused especially on preparing for the Doctor of Ministry course.

July 9- 14; in Dallas for the one week intensive portion of the D. Min. course.

July 15-17: traveling with Bethany to her clinical rotation in Amarillo

July 18-29: home, working on 3d Bible Scenes and course follow up

July 30 – August 12 – Family Vacation

August 13 – 31: home, finishing up all that I wanted to do!

September 2: back in the pulpit.

Please feel free to comment on this post or any blog entry